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 basic ameba pico tutorial

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PostSubject: basic ameba pico tutorial   Tue May 03, 2011 1:06 am


/angry - Angry sign
/conf - Mad scribbles
/fun - Music notes
/heart - 2 ♥'s
/hungry - Knife and fork
/insp - Lightbulb
/kiss - Lips
/min - Makes you become "mini me"
/nekohebi- Makes a cute kitty.
/panda - Cute Panda
/sad - Tear
/thumb - Thumbs up
/zzz - Sleep

Default Actions: Hello, Bow, Joy, Sad, Angry

Extra Actions (Gummies): Please, Clap, Nod, Smile, Surprise, Laugh

Extra Actions (Gold): Blush, Pout, Sexy?, Ponder, Uneasy, Yawn, Backflip, Volcano Dance, Tipsy Stagger, Sword Fight, Viking Dance

1000 Limited Gummies:

Props - 300/day @10G/ea
Rings - 300/day @10G/ea
Eating food - 200/day @10G/ea
Sharing food - 200/day @10G/ea

Extra Bonus Gummies:

Change clothes - 50/day

When you collect 500 Gummies you get +100 Bonus Gummies

When you collect 1000 Gummies you get +200 Bonus Gummies


-If you win:30Gummies/each game
-If you lose:10Gummies/each game

Card Match
-If you win:20Gummies/each game
-If you lose:10Gummies/each game

Pirates RPS up to 600/day
-If you win:10Gummies/each game
-If you lose:5Gummies/each game

Star Collection Book:

Note: A lot of people get confused where it says "Bonus Chance! Click the stars" and it just means the bonus chance IS the star book and you click the stars to the right for info on each task.

1st Page:

1. Go Travel - Click the Travel icon and go out! Meet other Picos. 100G

2. Use your "Hello" Action - Use the bottom left icon to wave. 100G

3. Give Pico Props - Click on someone else and click Props. 100G

4. Go visit someone's room - Click on someone else and click the house icon. 100G

5. "Ring" the bell - When in someone's room, click the Ring button. 100G

6. Go to closet and dress up - Click closet button and change your clothes. 100G

7. Move your furniture - Click "Decor" and then click the item to move and click "move". 100G

8. Go to Catalog Order Shop - Click "Shop". 100G

9. Play Daily Gacha - Click "Gacha" and then "Play gacha". 100G

10. Make a Pico Buddy - Click on someone else and choose "Buddy request". They don't have to accept it for the reward. 100G

11. Take a photo. Click "Camera" and "Take a shot". Don't need to save it to an album for the reward. 100G

12. Purchase a Time Machine - Click Travel and try to go to one of the brown areas to the right and you'll see a popup to purchase a time machine. If you did the tutorial you can just use a token. 100G

13. Enter your profile - In the top right corner, click "Settings". Enter info and Save. 100G

14. Enter the room settings - From "Settings" click the Room tab and fill that out. 100G

15. Visit the Statue of Liberty - Click Travel, scroll down to New York and click the one on the right. 150G

16. Warp to Pico Buddy - You need an online buddy for this. Click Buddies and click the green monster to warp to them. 150G

2nd page:

17. Send a letter - You need an offline buddy for this. Click "Buddies" and click the offline buddy, then click the envelope icon. 150G

18. Leave a message on another Picos message board - Go to someone elses room and click the little pencil and white square at the top left. Post a message. 150G

19. Whisper others - You need an online buddy. Click "Buddies" and click your friend, then click the speech bubble that says whisper. 150G

20. Play Reversi - Click "Travel" and then the "Game" Tab. Pick a room to play and click on a table. You don't have to go through a whole game, just initiate one. 150G

21. Play Match Cards - Same thing as above. You don't have to go through a whole game, just initiate one. 150G

22. Visit Theme area - Click "Travel", then "Theme" tab and pick a room. 150G

23. Change your wallpaper - You need to buy a new wallpaper for this. Find one you like at any of the stores and buy one, then go to your room and click Decor to apply it. 150G

24. Watch Volcano explosion - You need Time Travel. Go to "Stone Age" and wait for the volcano to erupt. 300G

25. Consume your food/drinks - If you played Gacha and got food, it's in your "Pocket". If not, get more from gacha or buy food from Augustine's Bar or from Nakamise St. Click Travel, Shop tab, and Other if you can't find them. 150G

26. Share your food/drinks - In any area, click Pocket and bring out up to 3 food items at a time for people to eat. 150G

27. Receive 100 Pico Props - Just hang out in busy areas, switching areas after a while and eventually the props will add up. 150G

28. Invite 3 people into your room at once - Luring people into your room with promises of food is the best way. 150G

29. Invite 5 people - 300G

30. Invite 9 people - PARTY 1000G!!

31. Receive 50 Pico Props within 1 day - 150G

32. Receive 100 Pico Props within 1 day - 300G

33. Win Reversi 100 times - 500G

3rd Page:

34. Win Matching Cards 100 times - 500G

35. Place 100 Blocks in your room - Get from Gacha or buy from the machines in the Flea Market for 200-300 each. 1000G!

36. Time-Travel to Caribbean Port - Click Travel, and under "Age of Exploration" click "Caribbean Seaport" which is the first one. 150G

37. Play Pirates Rock-paper-scissors - 150G

38. Win Pirates RPS 100 times - 500G

39. Team up and beat the monster - Go to "Pirate Ship" and get 10 people to click the cannons to beat the monster.

40. Meet the Dinosaur - go to the Stone age obviously, and do the Volcano Dance with 10 people simultaneously. Buy the dance from Macca's Shop at the bottom left with a token or Gold. You could also just idle and wait but it may take a while for 10 people to dance at the same time. 300G

FAQs and Tips:

Q: How do I get people to ring my room?
A: I find the best way is to ring theirs first and the easiest way is to get a lot of props first and then click 'Today's pico props" at the top and ring everyone on the list. This increases your chances that some people will ring back.

Q: How can I get up to 9 people in my room at once?
A: Play Gacha until you have lots of food and put a bunch, not all, in your room. Then go to a crowded area and say there's free food in your room. Remember you have to stay in the public area so people can click you to go to your room. If not enough people go from one area, switch to another area and advertise your free food again. Go back to your room from time to time to make sure the people who went stay there, put out more food if it's all gone and go out and get more people.

Q: How do I get Ameba Gold?
A: You can pay for it with a credit card or paypal, or you can do surveys or any other offers they have. Just click "Shop" then "Get Ameba Gold" at the bottom. You're given many offers. I did some surveys and I also paid with my cell phone minutes where they just txt me and I txt back the pin number.

Q: How do I get Tokens?
A: You get 5 if you do the tutorial, but if not, you can win them through Gacha or play for 14 days and get one from the scratch card (There are 13 circles to scratch and the day after you scratch the last one you get the token).

Q: How do I get a pet?
A: You need 400 Ameba Gold and you can't use tokens or gummies. If you do have gold, click Travel and click Pet Farm. About Pandas, they show up in pet farms but VERY rarely. Remember you have to feed your pets twice a day but you can at least buy the food for gummies lol.

Q: Where do I get all these different emotions I see people doing?
A: Those robot shops you see all over. In English Park and Beginner's plaza it's the red robot. You can also buy emotes from the guys in West Forest like the backflip emote. There's also pirate emotes at the seaport and a dance at the stone age. Most of the emotes cost Ameba Gold.

Q: Where do I buy Blocks?
A: The Flea Market in the "New York Central Park" section.

Q: How do I levitate items in my room like how people make a second floor?
A: Pile a bunch of blocks on each other and if you put something on the pile at the top and take away the blocks, it will stay up there. You have to do this for every item you want to put up there.

Q: How do I skate or slide?
A: You can do this by hitting tab and clicking where you want to go at the same time. Tab and click. If you have time or want to type it before hand, type /sit and then tab and click together and hit enter (or talk) and you'll be sliding on your bum. You can also use emotes while sliding.

Q: How do I float in mid air or freeze an emotion?
A: Press tab quickly during the emotion or type /stop but the tab key is quicker for most. It's on the left hand side of your keyboard, should be above caps lock.

Q: How do I sell the items I don't want?
A: Click the Recycle box icon at the top right of the window (Like Closet window or Decor Window.. can't sell from Pocket as far as I know.) Each item sells for 10 gummies so when you're buying, be sure you really want that item. This is most useful for selling all that underwear you get from gacha.. who wears that? lol

Q: How do I get rid of pocket items?
A: Items like balloons can't be recycled so you either have to wait until they expire or you take them out and in Decor mode you click them and click delete.

Q: How do I get a Time Machine?
A: Click Travel and any of the areas under Time Travel (Age of Exploration or Stone Age). If you have a time machine you'll just go to those areas but if not, you'll get a popup asking if you want to purchase a time machine. So click Purchase Time Machine, click the watch, click Purchase, then checkmark "Use a Token" and click Yes.

Q: How do I change my appearance?
A: Click Settings at the top right and click Change Look. Costs 300 Gummies.

Q: Can I make a shortcut to use my actions?
A: Yes, press F1-F12. F9 and F10 seem to do the same action though.. but it's hard to test because I don't have all the emotes.
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basic ameba pico tutorial
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